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I was thinking that when korra is joined Raava the end of Book 2, was when vaatu hardly existed, there was more light than darkness, so when she joined korra she would have more power than any previous avatar, more spiritual power, as when wan joined Raava the first time, it was the other way when Raava was very small and there was more darkness than light, that would make a korra have more spiritual power than any other avatar O.O

I love how many theories can come out of this show. 


i just want you to let this sink in: all of the power korra fought with while in the avatar state was all hers. she is the new line of avatars. all of the power within her is hers alone.

I think because her past lives were destroyed is the reason she was able to resist going into the avatar state for so long

I don’t think I’ve ever wailed in agony from a children’s show before